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Sunday, July 03, 2011

New Movie

Well, summertime is here. The days are getting shorter. When I was eleven, I did not realize it, but as I got older, I would track sunset in the newspaper. At this point, the sunset is around eight forty-five back in Philly. Out here, its further south, sunset is earlier. I have been in Wyoming and Minnesota around this time of year, and the sun sets late, very late. Back when I was young, the summer was just getting started.
I saw two movies this weekend, Super-8 and Green Lantern. I wish the movie special effects guys were this good when I was a kid. I would love these movies. All of the reviews I read or hear are from adults who forgot what being a kid was all about. I would have loved these flicks if I was eleven. I liked Star Wars, and I was grown up when that came out. Twenty matter of fact. And it cost a dollar fifty to get in for the afternoon matinee. What a gyp I thought at the time, I had a girlfriend back then, I was a junior in art school. I had to buy her earrings that cost eighteen dollars on time, I paid six dollars a week to get them for her. That was a ton of money back then. Anyway, Star Wars was great at that age, and the grown-ups back then kept tell us it was just like the old movie serials they saw back in the thirties and forties. We had not seen them, so it was new to us. And we ate it up. So, now, young people raised on video games and other super hero movies, should be given a chance to like these new movies. If I was eleven again, I would have liked it. But being middle aged, I wondered what I was doing in the theater, except to see some new special effects. So, like I said, it was good.


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