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Monday, July 04, 2011

July Fourth

I recall going to Edmunds Elementary School to watch the fireworks bCK IN THE 60S AND 70s. Not every year. Some years we went to the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf on Germantown Avenue. You could feel the big fireworks in your chest back then. It was fun, we left home just as it got dark and always found a spot to sit and watch. THis was before I was taking pictures, so I have no pics of these events. In an hour, I will be climbing up to the roof of our duplex to watch the fireworks around the county. I think they have been cancelled in Marina Del Rey. I hope I can see the fireworks in other spots. Plus, the neighborhood show in the local city park should be happening. Guess I'll make some dinner and get on the roof around nine.
Happy Fourth Of July Everyone!!!


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