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Monday, May 11, 2009

Valley Green

I was home in April to visit family. Didn't get to Valley Green on that visit, but I was there in October-November. Took a few pictures. Valley Green is the place my father took us back when I was child on Sunday mornings after breakfast for a walk down the path, Forbidden Drive. It was always so quiet and peaceful there. I always remembered those walks with my family on Sunday mornings. Then we stopped going after a few years. When I got my ten speed bike, I found my way there again, and would ride down the path just enjoying the beauty of Fairmount Park. When I moved to California, I would look for areas as beautiful as Valley Green where ever I went. The closest I came was Yosemite National Park. That was a knockout! But it is also spread out over the undeveloped land, whereas Fairmount Park is in the city. Anyway, Valley Green has sentimental value to me, which is why I go on and on about it. Here is picture I took back in the fall last year.

This is the Wissahicon Creek, with just the right amount of sentimental sun flare/glare.