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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The park after the storm...

Here are some more pictures of Cliveden Park after the twister/tornando. It looks kind of eerie now, like some monsters are gonna come out from under the wreckage and chew off your leg or something...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cliveden Park

Here are some pictures taken right after a small twister/tornado blew through Cliveden Park, across the street from my house. I took a bunch of photos that day to record the aftermath of the storm. It was pretty dramatic, lots of wind, and the sound of the trees breaking at their trunks and falling on each other. More trees getting uprooted. Some of those trees were a couple of hundred years old, maybe more. It was a Sunday afternoon. I was out on my bicycle riding around the block. When I got to the front of my house the wind picked up, and blew me UP the street, uphill. I figured it was not too cool to be out in this, whatever it was. The wind was swirling around, and lots of dust was kicked up. It was either April or May, no snow. Just dust. I went into my house, and looked out the front door as the brunt of the storm hit the park. It was very dark, cloudy, but it was the middle of the afternoon. The circular motion of the debris looked like a twister was settling in the park. It just kept getting stronger and faster, and within a few minutes, a tree snapped, then another, and another. More loud winds. Trees were uprooted. It lasted for what seemed to be a half hour, but must only have been four or five minutes. Then it was done. Finished. It just dissipated. Afterwards, I went out and took pictures. I just had these printed for the first time since I took them.