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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Memories of Cliveden Park

This is a picture of Cliveden Park. I grew up across the street from this park. Its nice to wake up everyday and see a park, instead of more houses, or an empty lot. I had lots of fun over there through the years. Played softball and tackle football, and walked my dog there everyday. My dog and I played in the park everyday of her short life. She was only six months old when she was hit by a car trying to cross the street to get to me in the park. I watched her get hit and felt powerless and guilty and extreme sadness all at the same time. She was put to sleep later that week, Thanksgiving, of all times.
When I was really young, I used to play softball in the park with the neighborhood kids. Once as I stood watching from behind home plate, a girl was up to bat. She hit the ball, and slung the bat, it came right at me, and hit me square in the chest. I fell down, could not breathe, and ran up the slight hillside to the street to catch my breath. I collapsed on the hillside, gasping for air. The whole time I thought I was going to pass out or die. I eventually got my wind back, but I was scared to death.
We used to play tackle football in the park, we waited for fall, and slightly colder weather, it made it more fun. It seemed like we played for 5 hours at a time. Players ranged in age from 9 to 15. When I finished playing, I came home, washed the mud off my sneakers, and watched NFL football on CBS. The sun set through our living room window behind the TV set as the game was played on TV on Sunday afternoon/evenings. School the next day, depressing.
On one side of the park, there were hills that went up to the street. We played army in the hills. Just running back and forth, capturing prisoners, but mostly shooting each other. There were lots of bushes to hide in, and some escapes were made under the cyclone fence to the street and freedom.
The park also had a building in it, seems like it used to be a house. It was used as meeting place for among other things, the girl scouts and the neighborhood associations.
All in all, a really nice place to have in the neighborhood. I missed it when I moved to California. Ther are parks out here, but not as many. This is after all, a desert. But it great in its own way, and the Kenneth Hahn Park between La Brea and LaCienaga is a nice park. Good landscaping, and nice views. Probably the best park in the county.