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Monday, May 21, 2007

the old days....

I should have written something by now, but, oh well, sometimes you get sidetracked. I was recalling some of my oldest memories. I remembered walking to my grandparents house for lunch and afterschool when I went to Emlen school. It was a very short walk through a very quiet neighborhood. Tree lined streets, Pleasant Playground, the Quick Shop corner store. It was
pretty quaint, like a Norman Rockwell painting, but in the city. In my grandparents basement, I would watch TV while my grandmother ironed clothes. The floor was smooth concrete, and my grandmother would give me a soup can of water and a half inch paint brush so I could draw on the floor in water. No paint, just water. The pictures would dry and fade away after a few minutes. She would feed me lunch and I would walk back to school. All within an hour. Then if my mother was still not home after school, I would go back to my grandparents' house and stay there till my father drove over to get me and take me home.
I remember the year I got an Erector set and a Kenner Girder and Panel Building set for Christmas and I think I kept them at my grandparents' house. That winter I went to their house after school and watched cartoons, Roger Ramjet, Eighth Man, and played with my building sets. The sun set around four thirty and I can still remember my grandmother turning on the living room lamps so I could see what I was building. Sometimes I would stay for dinner, do my homework there, then my parents would come over and get me and take me home.
I had a whole other set of friends in my grandparents' neighborhood. I'll write about them in the future.