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Friday, October 20, 2006

Valley Green

Today I thought about Valley Green in Fairmount Park, and how much I miss it. I have two photographs hanging up in my cubicle that I look at while I am working to take me back to the park whenever I look up. Most of my memories of it from the 70s are taking long bike rides on Forbidden Drive whenever I needed to not hear the sounds of the city. I had a Fuji bicycle back then, and I loved to ride it as much as I could. And riding in the park back then was a good long ride. This is the path I would ride on, very cold on this particular day in 1990 when I took it. Winter time, January to be exact. The Wissahickon Creek runs parallel to the Forbidden Drive, and its sound is very relaxing. The top picture is the Henry Avenue Bridge, which crosses over the park at a tremendous height. The park is in a valley, hence the name, Valley Green.


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