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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Finding a song heard on the radio....

Today is September 13, 2006.
I was thinking about a time when I was trying to find a record I heard on the radio.
I was supposed to be studying for final exams, but was listening the radio. I switched stations alot, sometimes coming in on the middle of a song. At some point, I heard couple of good songs on one station, and taped them. I switched the station, listened for a while, then swiched back to the first staion. A song was on, and it sounded like a new sound to me. It was a very stong guitar and hand clapping. Nobody did that back then. I had taped the last part of the song, thinking the DJ would announce the title afterwards. Of course he didn't, and I was left trying to find this song/group for the next few years. Remember, this is before the internet. I walked into the local record shops, asking if anyone knew of a song that ended with guitar and hand clapping. Blank stares is what I got. Nobody knew anything. I asked people in school. More blank stares. Years go by. I was in a record store in New Jersey, talking to the one of the guys who worked there, and asked him about the song. He said it sounded like a group called King Crimson, and that it might be on this record of theirs called Lizard. I bought it for $3.99, took it to my cousin's house, and it was not the record. But something about it told me it was this group. I just had to find the catalog. So I bought more of their records, still no luck with the song I heard on the radio. I was in a record store in downtown Philadelphia, talking to a guy who worked there, describing the song, and said it might be on this record, King Crimson's Starless and Bible Black. A really great record, but still not the one. Next trip downtown, I walked into the store saw the guy in the back of the store, and without saying a word, he handed me a record called Red, by King Crimson. He said this was the one. I took the record home, put it on the turntable, and listened to a few bars of each song. The third song on side one was THE SONG. It was called, One More Red Nightmare. It blew me away! It was the most intense record ever recorded in the history of rock music. It made everything called HEAVY METAL sound like whiny crap. It blew Black Sabbath to the back wall. I had always heard that Sabbath was the epitome of Heavy Metal. I bought one of their records, the one with Iron Man, and it was so weak, I laughed at it. I realized you had to be high on something, like airplane glue, to really like that music. Listening to Crimson was a revelation of what music could be, and should be. It was amazing. I have a lot of Crimson music now, and whenever I need a brain blast of real music, I listen to Red. My brother says I looked like I was in a very far away place when I listened to the album Red. Well, that was memory of King Crimson. The other music on the original tape I made was a song by 10cc called The Worst Band in the World, and a song by Yes, called The gates of Delirium. Not a bad mixture of music. I wish I had saved that tape. They do last a long time.
I will post more music memories later.


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