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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back in junior high school....

September 9th is coming up. For me, its a bad date. In 7th grade, it was 9-9. That was the first day of notes to take for science class with Mr. Tracton. And just before first report cards came out, he wanted to see all of our "daily work" and other notes from the first day of class, all the way up to that point. 9-9. And someone in class kept asking him about the first date that should be on the daily work, and he kept repeating, with a smile, "9-9 is the first day of daily work, and you should have that page on top." I, of course, had nothing to hand in. Because when I got to class, I more or less daydreamed until he began talking. Which was ten minutes into classtime because he was late. So the daily work was to keep us busy until he got there. Once, I was at his desk with Nanette Paroto, asking him a question about an "E" I recieved on a short quiz. I asked why the answer to one question was wrong, and Nanatte pointed to the numbers on the weather map I had written down. She said barametric pressure never goes as high as thirty-seven. If I had done the daily work, or paid attention in class, I would have known that. I think I got an "E", Unsatifactory, for science class first quarter. And I always remembered that, it started on 9-9.


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