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Friday, August 18, 2006

Today is August 18th, 2006.

The other day, I saw a news item about John Glenn, the senator-astronaut. I kind of remembered when he went up into space into orbit back in the early sixties. Was it 1960, or 1961? I think it was on TV early in the morning. Silver shots onscreen from Cape Canaveral. Black and white TV sets. Our TV set was in the living room of our first floor apartment.
Not a very big apartment, but two bedrooms and a kitchen that you had to walk through to get to the bathroom. My memories are fading about the place, but my parents have a bunch of photos from that time. I remember when we moved, I was six years old, and I don't think I wanted to go to the new house. Or the new school. At six years old, I had no desire to make new friends, or begin attending a new school mid year. I was in first grade. My old teacher was named Mrs. Van. My new teacher was named Mrs. Reese. She did not like children to erase anything they wrote, so she ripped the erasers off
all of our pencils. The new school had a strange smell. There was a lot of wood in the design of the school, I wonder if the smell was cleaning solution on the wood? It was a three story school, and had a small school yard, just like my old school.
A couple of the kids in my class I knew all the way to high school. That doesn't sound right, grammar wise. But I think you get my meaning. Well, I started this with a memory of John Glenn. When I hear his name or see him on TV, I think back to my childhood, and watching him blast off into space. I think everyone was excited about this launch. It was important, it was ground breaking. He was going to orbit the earth. I think he was the first to do that. Looking back, everyone must have been a little nervous, thinking he might not get back alive. Well, he made it back, and the American space program was off
to a roaring start in ernest. After that, the space program was mentioned in the Weekly Reader every week, or so it seemed. I should see if anyone is selling Weekly Readers on eBay from the sixties.


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