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Monday, August 08, 2016

Kitchen's Lane

The entrance to Valley Green.  My dad drove us to Valley Green using this little road back in the sixties. I had not seen this entrance in many years. Still beautiful. 

Monday, February 02, 2015

A couple of pictures from when I was home in September for the class reunion of Germantown High.
A little piece of land next to the Lovett Library at Germantown and Sedgwick Streets.
And a neat house that needs some repairs. THis one, not sure where it is. But I am going to make a painting from it in water color.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Its a new year! Happy New Year everybody!! I hope you all have a great year in 2015!! 2014 was a strange year. But I am hoping to make 2015 a better year all around. When I was in Philadelphia last year for my class reunion, I took some more photos to use as reference for new water color paintings. I plan to get on a schedule and make lots of paintings this year, maybe one a week or every other day. I took pics of the retirement home on Johnson Street that has now been remodeled and reopened and is occupied! Looks a lot different than a few years ago when it was going to seed. Also took a few pics in Fairmount Park, one of the great city parks of the world that is still a well kept secret. I walked through a part of Forbidden Drive that I have never been to before. I did not get to Valley Green, but maybe next trip I'll make it down there. At any rate, I will make more paintings this year than I have before. Here now is a picture of the CIty Hall as I drove down Broad Street and a picture of the retirement home on Johnson Street.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas past

I remember a few Christmas holiday years from the mid 60s. I would sometimmes go to my grandparents' house after school. It got dark early in the winter time, sunset is at 4:30 in December. My grandmother would turn the light on for me in the living room as I built stuff using the Erector Set or the Kenner Girder and Panel Set. My grandfather would get home around 5. Sometimes he would drive me home right away, other times I would stay for dinner and my father would come over and pick me up and take me home. They were the dark days of winter time. I did not care for winter too much back then. The days are too short. Can't wait till spring time and the days getting longer. I have my race car set up now, with a straight track of the trains running in the middle, just for Christmas. But I will always remember the Christmas times from the mid 60s.

Monday, July 04, 2011

July Fourth

I recall going to Edmunds Elementary School to watch the fireworks bCK IN THE 60S AND 70s. Not every year. Some years we went to the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf on Germantown Avenue. You could feel the big fireworks in your chest back then. It was fun, we left home just as it got dark and always found a spot to sit and watch. THis was before I was taking pictures, so I have no pics of these events. In an hour, I will be climbing up to the roof of our duplex to watch the fireworks around the county. I think they have been cancelled in Marina Del Rey. I hope I can see the fireworks in other spots. Plus, the neighborhood show in the local city park should be happening. Guess I'll make some dinner and get on the roof around nine.
Happy Fourth Of July Everyone!!!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

New Movie

Well, summertime is here. The days are getting shorter. When I was eleven, I did not realize it, but as I got older, I would track sunset in the newspaper. At this point, the sunset is around eight forty-five back in Philly. Out here, its further south, sunset is earlier. I have been in Wyoming and Minnesota around this time of year, and the sun sets late, very late. Back when I was young, the summer was just getting started.
I saw two movies this weekend, Super-8 and Green Lantern. I wish the movie special effects guys were this good when I was a kid. I would love these movies. All of the reviews I read or hear are from adults who forgot what being a kid was all about. I would have loved these flicks if I was eleven. I liked Star Wars, and I was grown up when that came out. Twenty matter of fact. And it cost a dollar fifty to get in for the afternoon matinee. What a gyp I thought at the time, I had a girlfriend back then, I was a junior in art school. I had to buy her earrings that cost eighteen dollars on time, I paid six dollars a week to get them for her. That was a ton of money back then. Anyway, Star Wars was great at that age, and the grown-ups back then kept tell us it was just like the old movie serials they saw back in the thirties and forties. We had not seen them, so it was new to us. And we ate it up. So, now, young people raised on video games and other super hero movies, should be given a chance to like these new movies. If I was eleven again, I would have liked it. But being middle aged, I wondered what I was doing in the theater, except to see some new special effects. So, like I said, it was good.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello, its been a long time....

Its been a while since I wrote anything on this blog.
Its now May of 2011.
I thought I should write something about Mt. Airy.
At one time, we had a dog. Her name was Cindy. My father took us with the dog to Valley Green, in Fairmount Park a few times, usually on Sunday mornings. It was in the fall, the leaves were turning colors, red, yellow, orange, no blue leaves. On one Sunday morning, we walked for longer than usual. The park was great, the path is called, Forbidden Drive, no motor vehicles allowed. Just pedestrians, bikes, and horses. The Wisahickon Creek runs next to Forbidden Drive. You can’t imagine how cool it is unless you see it. Sunday before Thanksgiving, we went to Valley Green, walked a long time, came home. We lived across the street from Cliveden Park. I ran across the street to the park, out the front door, down the steps, jay walked across the street. Heard the front door slam shut. As I was about to climb the three rail fence to go in to the park, I heard the front door slam again. I looked back at my house, and saw my dog, Cindy, running down the steps towards the street. I went to the curb, put my hands to tell her to stay, but she ran to me across the street, a car speeding up the street from the Johnson Street light. I looked at the car, and the stupid thought crossed my mind that it might stop, but instead it hit my dog, Cindy, and sped off. I saw Cindy spin around and fall to the ground, crying. The car sped up the street, never to be seen again. I ran into the street, stopped traffic, lucky me, since I was only eleven, and why would anyone driving a car stop for a child? At any rate, I picked Cindy up and carried her our front lawn, and put her down gently on the grass. One of our neighbors, Mr. McDowel, came out, and told me to get Cindy to the vet’s as soon as possible. I looked at him, holding back tears. My father came out of the house, and I seem to recall he looked at the situation, and went back into the house. He drove the car around to the front of the house, and I put Cindy on the floor in front of me in the front seat. I do not know how we got to a vet’s office that was open on a Sunday afternoon, but we did. I can’t recall anything the vet said. I do remember the vet put Cindy on the operating table, and I just looked at her, and kept stroking her head. After a while, we left her there. A few days later, we went to visit her, and I do think she was at the vet’s office anymore, seems like she was at the local SPCA offices. She was on the floor, in a big space. She wagged her tail when I got there, but she could not walk, there were bandages on her legs, and she was able to raise her head, she was partly on her stomach and on her side. I think we were there for about half an hour. Then we left. I think on the Friday after Thanksgiving, my mother told me they had to put Cindy to sleep. She said they had done all they could for her. I was with my friends in front of our house when my mother told me the news. I was very sad. I knew it was too dangerous to have a dog in the city. And I never have since then.
So there you have the story of how we lost our dog. It was very sad. If I ever get another dog, I would want her to be something like my old dog, a mixture, of pointer, springer spaniel, cocker spaniel, and whatever else makes a friendly dog.